Monday, January 12, 2009

Columbus and Me

Today we began our first trip. We will be in the Bahamas for 2 weeks followed by a week in the Dominican Republic. I did some research on Columbus before we left since we are beginning where Columbus ended up in his search for the "New World" and we will end up in Spain where he left from. He actually landing in the Bahamas before the Dominican Republic but didn't stay because he was looking for land with a lot of fresh water. The Bahamian Islands are flat and don't have a lot of fresh water. The Dominican Republic was good because it has a lot of mountains and fresh water. A lot of people think that he settled in the southern part of the Dominican Republic but he didn't. The men from his boats that stayed on the Island ended up on the Northern end- near Puerto Plata where we are going.
More to come....

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  1. Hello Ryan. Looks nice and warm where you are. Glad you are going to be blogging. I'm looking forward to following your adventures via the internet. I'll keep the class up to date as well. It is supposed to get really cold here this week. Some places in Watauga County are supposed to get below zero. Brrrr. Have fun in the sun and splash in the ocean for all of us frozen Boonies. Take care. Mr. Hiatt